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Web Racing Indoor Cycling Software

Web Racing Indoor Cycling Software
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Specification of the Web Racing Indoor Cycling Software

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A great way to stay motivated and to get the best use from your indoor cycle
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Detailed Specification

You connect your Webracing enabled indoor cycle to the internet or to a local network. You can see and hear other connected racers. You race against them or train with them. Your performance statistics are recorded. It's fun, you are motivated!

Using your indoor cycle, Web Racing allows you to compete against worldwide athletes over the internet or simply against your own previous performances with a ghost rider. You can even take part in local, national or international events which award real prizes.

Whether youre a serious competitor or a just-for-fun user, Web Racing can be enjoyed by anyone at any age and is a great way for the family to keep fit together. Web Racing can be enjoyed in a number of ways: go solo by creating a virtual training partner to challenge you or follow the guidance of your personal virtual coach who composes a workout just for you; race head to head with up to 4 users on the same network; or, for the ultimate Web Racing experience, race against up to 8 users across the globe using the internet, breaking down the barriers of time and space in your favourite competitive sport.

Our Review of the Web Racing Indoor Cycle software

Overall Impressions
Wow!! Fantastic - this adds a new dimension to indoor cycling.

One of the common problems with any fitness regime is maintaining a high level of interest that makes you want to do the activity again and again. Indoor cycling is no different, but with Web Racing you have the solution to that problem. This software makes you want to get on the bike and cycle again and again - whether it's to race against other virtual riders, race against your past performance to create a personal best or just to check out the different courses.

So what does Web Racing involve?
Web Racing allows you to wirelessly connect your indoor cycle/spin bike to a computer and cycle along different courses, either alone, in a group or as a race. It's a great way to keep motivated and it's amazing just how quickly time passes when you're cycling in a virtual group - either stay with the leader or stay ahead of the pack. It's your choice and it enables you to train in a fun and realistic way.

What are the courses and are they challenging?
There are a number of courses to choose from including the Olympic Velodrome, Sydney 2K, Colorado Trail and others. It can be as challenging as you like - if you want to push yourself harder then increase the resistance on your bike and it'll be harder to keep pace with the leaders in the group.

What about the Virtual Riders?
You can use the defaults for the virtual riders or configure them to cycle at a constant speed or power. You can also configure them to cycle like you did in a past session - so you can race against your self. How about that to motivate you to cycle faster and harder?

Is it easy to set up?
Yes - we got the bike set up with the software in about 10 minutes. Full instructions are provided, but essentially you have to follow these steps:
1) Install the Web Racing software on your computer - load the CD and wait for it to finish
2) Whilst the software was loading, we attached the wireless transmitter to the bike. We used a Gym Gear M.Sport but the Web Racing software works with almost all spin bikes. Attaching the transmitter is simple:
- Place the supplied magnet on flywheel and give the wheel a spin to make sure that the wheel fully rotates without the magnet catching any parts of the bike (trim, brakes etc.)
- Attach the transmitter to the frame using the tie wraps in the pack. Make sure that the magnet is in line with the transmitter when the wheel rotates. The rubber mounting on the transmitter rests against the frame and the tie wraps pass around the mounting slots.
3) Measure the diameter of the flywheel - you'll need this to set up the software
4) Back at your computer, insert the USB that is supplied with this kit. This is a wireless receiver that needs to be paired to the transmitter that is now on the bike. When you insert the USB, follow the instructions to load the software (you'll need an internet connection for this)
5) Start the Web Racing Software on your computer - it's now almost ready to use. On the main menu, select "System Settings" and then "Exercise Equipment". You need to do 2 things:
- Pair the transmitter on the bike and the USB receiver by turning the flywheel a few times to wake up the transmitter and then press "Pair" next to the "Speed Sensor" setting. After a few seconds the ID will be shown.
- Now take the measurement of the diameter of the flywheel from step 3 and calculate the circumference of the wheel. The easiest way of do this is to multiply the diameter in mm by 22 and divide by 7. For example, the Gym Gear flywheel is 450mm gives a circumference of 1414mm (450mm x 22 / 7). For those of you who are wondering, the transmitter counts the number of revolutions of the wheel and the software calculates the speed and distance by using the circumference of the wheel.
- Enter the circumference in the "Wheel Circum" box on the screen and the press save
6) You should also set up your own personal profile (Main Menu -> Personal Profile) giving your age, weight etc.

Anything else to add?
We found that it's worth recording the position of your resistance on your bike so that you can recreate the same riding conditions time after time. Other than that it's all self explanatory and just great fun.

Here are the customer reviews of the Web Racing Indoor Cycling Software

Customer Reviews

    Soft wear was easy to set up, l'am very pleased with it but the only thing is that the paper or Manuel was not clear it comes with make it clear where to attach he sencor on the fork, I managed to work it out , otherwise Imam happy  (12/07/2013) John - llandovery,wales
Our Reply: Thanks for your comments John - it can take a bit of perserverence to work on certain bikes, but once working the Web Racing software is a great motivational tool.

  Great Bit Of Software  I'm a bit of a gadget man so this appealed straight away. It all loaded very easily and although I had a bit of a problem with buying additional courses, this was quickly resolved by Andy and Duncan from Web Racing as well as contact from the developer in USA. Great service !   (07/05/2013) Andy Walker - Bedfordshire
Our Reply: Thanks for your review Andy - pleased that we could help to sort out the issue that you had. This software works particularly well with the Gym Gear M Sport that you also purchased.

  Makes the ride easier!  If you get bored easily, this nifty bit of software adds an extra dimension to your ride. Choose a course to race on, and compete against others or even yourself by comparing to your previous times on each course. Also allows you to analyse how you have performed afterwards.   (23/01/2013) -

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