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Kettler Racer S Indoor Cycle

Kettler Racer S Indoor Cycle
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Product Code: KT-RCS

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The Kettler Racer S is a great race style indoor cycle. Here's why we rate this indoor cycle so highly:

* Electronic Campagnolo gear shifters to enable quick and responsive gear change
* Quiet Belt Drive
* Watt Based Training mode
* Fully adjustable riding position
* Freewheel indoor cycle
* 18kg Flywheel
* Includes KETTLER WORLD TOURS 2.0 for smart device

The indoor cycles that make it onto our Top Rated list have to have the best possible quality to price ratio and excellent after sales support from the manufacturer.
Top Rated Indoor Cycle

Specification of the Kettler Racer S Indoor Cycle

Which Indoor Cycle? - spinning bikes from Indoor CyclesIndoor Cycle Buying Guide
Fantastic indoor training bike
Drive Type - spinning bikes from Indoor CyclesDrive Type Details
Belt drive - quiet and low maintenance
Resistance Type - spinning bikes from Indoor Cycles Resistance Type Details
Magnetic resistance
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Detailed Specification

Usage: Home Use
The top of the range Racer S Indoor Training Bike is the ultimate in indoor training with no end of tech at your fingertips! The Chorus EPS shift Ergopower handles conform to your hands for superior grip while the double curvature brake lever allows you to engage the brakes from any hand position.

The smooth running gives the Racer S a genuine cycling experience and the stream lined design looks great in any home gym. Select gears virtually using the quick and responsive Campgnolo gear shifters for the most authentic bike training.

Link to a smartphone and track your data to achieve your goals, while the KETTLER World Tours 2.0 PC Software makes exercise fun as you go on a virtual tour around the world. Adjust the saddle and handlebars vertically and horizontally for the most natural position when improving fitness and toning muscles.

Includes KETTLER WORLD TOURS 2.0 software. Deda superzero road bike handlebar and Campagnolo Chorus EPS Ergopower shift handles.
New and improved display with tablet holder.
Ergometer with chain shifter mode: Campagnolo gear shifters enable quick and responsive gear change, mirroring the experience of real life training.
Virtual selection of chain rings (front) and sprockets (rear) determine the gear changes.
Download the KETTMAP app for virtual tours on a tablet or mobile phone.
Integrated POLAR compatible receiver for use with chest strap (included).
Device can also be used via glass display with count-up, count-down and pulse programmes, even without smartphone.
Induction-brake system with power range from 25-1,000 Watts.
18 kg flywheel mass for smooth running.
Saddle and handlebar adjustment (both exchangeable).
Combi-click pedals (exchangeable), castors and height adjustment.
Size when set up L/W/H: 131 x 53 x 126cm.
Maximum user weight 130 kg.
Made in Germany.
3 yr parts and labour warranty.

Our Review of the Kettler Racer S Indoor Cycle

How Easy is the Indoor Cycle to Build?
It's fairly straightforward and the instructions provided are very good.

What is the difference between the Racer 9 and the Racer S?
The WorldTours software that is supplied with the Racer 9 is designed for use with a Windows PC, whereas with the Racer S the WorldTours software is supplied in the form of an App for a compatible phone or tablet. The standard console is also different, but functionally does the same on both bikes.

What are the first impressions?
This is a seriously good indoor training bike with some amazing features:
- Fully adjustable. Just about everything on the bike is adjustable so that you can find your perfect cycling position.
- The Campagnolo gear shifters are a great feature. Positioned at the end of the tri-bars they're accessible and give a top end road bike feel. The front and rear chain ring selections are shown on the console.
- The console is very nice - the information is comprehensive and is presented clearly. Displays Watts which enables power based training
- Kettler World Tours 2.0 is included in the pack which means that you can connect to your computer - the review of this software is shown below.
- It's incredibly quiet - the Racer 9 is belt driven
- Pedals can take cycling shoes or normal training shoes
- Heart rate belt is included in the pack which is a nice touch - you can check your heart rate whilst cycling

What's it like to ride?
The Kettler Racer S indoor cycle is the best training bike that we've ridden. Here's why:
- It feels just like a road bike
- The combination of the free wheel and the Campagnolo gear shifters make for an authentic ride
- Incredibly quiet and smooth
- Multiple handgrip positions so you can change positions during your ride

Any niggles?
No - it's about as good as it gets.

Anything else to add?
If you're looking for a spinning bike then this isn't the bike for you. If you're looking for an indoor training bike then throw away your turbo trainer and buy one - you won't be disappointed.

Overall Impression?
The build quality is exceptional (it's made in Germany - would you expect anything less?); the features are fantastic and the Campagnolo gear shifters are a really good addition to this bike. The fact that World Tours 2.0 is included makes this bike unbeatable if you want to cycle indoors - potholes; inconsiderate drivers and bad weather not included!!.

Our Review of the Kettler World Tours 2.0 Software

Is it easy to get the software working?
Our approach to the set up was to try to get the software working with the bike without referring to the manual on the basis that if it isn't intuitive then it's bound to cause problems. The good news is that we got everything working within about 10 minutes and didn't have to look at the manual once. It's quite straightforward: install the software; enter the license key when prompted; connect to the bike using Bluetooth (you need to enable Bluetooth on the Racer 9 which is easy to do); and then create yourself a profile so that all of your training sessions are logged against your name. So, unlike other bike and software combinations, this is really straightforward to set up.

What does World Tours 2.0 do?
Put simply it record all of your training activity on the bike so that you can analyse and track your performance. But that's really only part of the story because the way that the software does this is really quite clever - it enables you to select predefined routes (like cycling the Ascent of Mount Fuji for example) or you can create your own route. Whilst cycling this route your performance (cadence; Watts; speed; heart rate etc) is shown on your computer in the form of current values and also a graph of historical values. Therefore, if you create a route that you know well you can easily replicate your outdoor cycle training indoors whilst gathering all of the performance data that you need - so when you next get on your road bike you'll have learnt more about where you need to push hard and where you can take it easy.

Can I compare how my performance varies between training sessions?
Yes - all data is stored under your profile so that you can see how you're improving over time and where that improvement comes from.

How realistic is it when I hit a hill - does it get harder to pedal?
Yes - the bike changes the resistance when you hit an incline, and as that incline changes so does the resistance on the bike. If you want to test this out then try cycling the predefined Mount Fuji route which will test your stamina and cycling to the max!!

Can I set the Software so that it shows on my TV?
Yes - there's an extra cable that you need that isn't supplied (cost about 15 from electrical stores) that will connect your computer to your TV. You need to check that you have a compatible TV of course.

Do you have a question about the Kettler Racer S Indoor Cycle?

If you can't find the answer that you're looking for below then please click here and ask us a question. If we're online we'll give you an answer immediately, otherwise we'll try our best to respond on the same working day.

Cycle Specific Questions
Q. Do you have any indoor cycles that free wheel?
A. The Kettler range, including the Racer S, free wheel.

Q. Which smartphones work with the Racer S?
A. The list of compatable smartphones is growing all of the time, but as an example:
- iPhone
- Samsung Galaxy S II + III
- Samsung Galaxy S (Gt-I9000)
- Samsung Galaxy S plus (Gt-I9001)
- Samsung Galaxy Xcover S5690
- Samsung Note
- Sony Experia S
- Sony Experia Arc S

Q. Why does the unit not show any pulse reading?
A. The acquisition of the pulse value takes approx. 15 seconds and can be disturbed by electromagnetic fields (e.g. electrical motors, etc.). Please change the location of the unit for further tests. Should the problem persist, please contact your Kettler Service at e-mail: In addition, the following sources of error are possible: The chest belt is not positioned properly or doesn't have sufficient moisture. It is too far away. The battery in the chest belt is too weak.

Q. How large can my handlebar be in order to use it?
A. The clamp bracket is 31.8 mm. Other handlebars can only be used with adapters available from retailers.

Q. Can I attach my own pedals?
A. Yes.

Q. Which Q factor does the new Racer S have?
A. Inner dimensions of crank arm: 175 mm, outer dimensions of crank arm: 200 mm.

Q. Can I use the RACER S with World Tours 1.0 (KWT)?
A. Yes, after an update subject to charge (item: 07926-990) of KWT 1.0.

Q. Can I use the RACER S with World Tours 2.0?
A. Yes.

Q. When the Racer S is actively paired with one device, it is not possible to use it with other devices (PC or smartphone). Why is that?
A. The Racer S connects automatically to the last paired device. In order to pair with another device or a PC, the current device must first be unpaired.

General Questions
Q. Is this bike difficult to assemble?
A. No - instructions are included and we cover the build in our review of the bike as well. Just pay particular attention to attaching the pedals correctly.

Q. Can you assemble the bike for me?
A. Yes. We can deliver the bike fully assembled. We will pack/wrap the bike for transportation but can't accept liability for any damage that is caused whilst the bike is in transit. Alternatively, we can arrange for a technician to visit your home to build the bike for you at an additional cost (please ask for current prices).

Q. Do I need a mat underneath the bike?
A. We recommend that you have a mat underneath your indoor cycle to protect the floor but it's entirely up to you.

Q. Do you sell second hand or refurbished bikes?
A. Generally not. Unfortunately it's not cost effective for us to refurbish indoor cycles to a standard that would be in keeping with our reputation. To fully refurbish an indoor cycle, the crank; crank arms; flywheel bearings; drive belt; pedals; seat and handlebars all need to be replaced. In addition, the frame needs to be checked for corrosion and distortion. In doing this work to the correct standard, the price of a fully refurbished indoor bike would be about the same as a new one. It's for this reason that we don't normally offer refurbished or second hand bikes for sale, and we strongly recommend that you fully understand how a bike has been refurbished before buying one.

Here are the customer reviews of the Kettler Racer S Indoor Cycle

Customer Reviews

  Great Service from Indoor Cycles   Indoor Cycles were great. I am pleased with the bike, it could do with more courses on the Android APP and I do not rest the screen in the holder as it is too far away to comfortably change gears. I have not yet managed to get the PC App to work but will keep trying. Overall pleased with purchase.  (10/06/2016) Henry - Bristol
Our Reply: Thanks for your comments Henry - if you need assistance when setting up the bike with your PC then please get in touch

  Excellent, versatile with Kettler World Tours 2.0  This is the smoothest training machine you could wish for - no boring keeping to one level of Watts or heart rate, but with the option of continuously changing demand-with Kettler World Tours completely flexible, you can build any course you want-and with RealLiveVideos even accompany that by videos   (22/03/2014) -
Our Reply: Many thanks for your review. It's a great bike that keeps you coming back for more training sessions because of the unique nature of World Tours

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