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Product NamePriceWarranty Resistance Customer Rating Flywheel
Sprint Racer 1 Indoor Cycle 299 Home Use Friction 20kg
BH Fitness SB2.2 Indoor Cycle 399 Home Use Friction 20kg
Sprint Racer 2 Indoor Cycle 449 Light Commercial Friction 20kg
BH Fitness Class Bike 2 Indoor Cycle 499 Home Use Friction 18kg
BH Fitness Spada Dual Indoor Cycle 699 Home Use Magnetic 20kg
Sprint GB-Mag Indoor Cycle 699 Light Commercial Magnetic 20kg
Diamondback 910lc Indoor Cycle 699 Home Use Magnetic 18kg
BH Fitness Spada Dual 2 Indoor Cycle 949 Home Use Magnetic 20kg
Sole Fitness SB700 Indoor Cycle 799 Home Use Friction 22kg
BH Fitness Duke Indoor Cycle 849 Full Commercial Friction 20kg
Schwinn IC Pro Indoor Cycle 890 Full Commercial Friction 18kg
Gym Gear M Sport Indoor Cycle 899 Full Commercial Magnetic 20kg
Waters Fitness Tsunami Pro Indoor Cycle 899 Full Commercial Friction 22kg
Gym Gear M Sport Plus Indoor Cycle 999 Full Commercial Magnetic 20kg
Sole Fitness SB900 Indoor Cycle 999 Home Use Magnetic 22kg
Spirit Fitness CB900 Indoor Cycle 1100 Full Commercial Friction 20kg
BH Fitness Duke Magnetic Indoor Cycle 1199 Full Commercial Magnetic 20kg
Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycle 1290 Full Commercial Magnetic 18kg
Kettler Racer 9 2017 Indoor Cycle 1999 Home Use Magnetic 18kg
Lemond Revmaster Pro Indoor Cycle 1299 Full Commercial Friction 22kg
Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycle 1490 Full Commercial Magnetic 18kg
Schwinn AC Performance Plus Carbon Blue Indoor Cycle 1590 Full Commercial Magnetic 18kg
Kettler Racer S Indoor Cycle 2299 Home Use Magnetic 18kg

Indoor Cycles |  Compare Indoor Cycles

We know it can be difficult to decide which spinning bike is the right one for your needs. To help, we've created this simple spin bike comparison table that summarises the key things that you need to consider when coming up with a shortlist of your preferred bikes. Once you've got a shortlist, you can then delve into the details of each of the spinning bikes to compare even further. To help you interpret our comparison table, you'll need to know more about the terminology:

It's important to have a good warranty from a known brand when buying a spinning bike. If you choose a spinning bike that is sold in our store then you can buy in the knowledge that we've done the testing for you and that there won't be too much that will go wrong. However, it's still important to have a good warranty. Each spin bike is rated for Home use; Light Commercial use and Full Commercial use. Light commercial use bikes are typically used for 8-10 hours per week in a professional environment such as leisure clubs. They're also ideal for home use if you're a seasoned spinner who wants a bit more from their bike. Full commercial spin bikes are heavy duty and are used in spinning clubs. They also make fantastic home use spin bikes.

The resistance of the spin bike determines how hard you have to pedal. On all bike it's adjustable so that you can make it as easy or difficult as you like to suit your own training needs. There are two type of resistance - Friction and Magnetic. Friction resistance uses a leather-based pad to press against the top of the bike wheel (the flywheel) as it spins - the more force the pad has against the wheel, the harder it is to pedal. Magnetic resistance uses a set of magnets that are raised or lowered over the flywheel to decrease or increase resistance. Both types of resistance are generally controlled by a knob on the frame (turn anti-clockwise to decrease resistance and clockwise to increase resistance) and both types of resistance work extremely well. The main benefit of magnetic resistance spin bikes is that because it uses magnetic force there are no touching parts in the resistance mechanism and therefore there is no wear - on friction resistance spinning bikes you'll occassionally have to change the friction pad, although they do last for some time (depending on use).

There are two types of drive mechanisms on spinning bikes - chain and belt. Belt drive spin bikes are quiet and require no maintenance, except for the occassional adjustment as it stretches (think of a fan belt on a car). Chain drive bikes are noisy and the chain needs to be maintained, often with oil. Therefore, you're more likely to get oil on your best pair of training shorts!! Let's say no more - we only sell spin bikes with belt drive.

The flywheel is the wheel that you see on the front, or sometimes the back, of the spinning bike. The wheel itself if fairly unexceptional, but it's the weight of the flywheel that you need to consider. The simple rule is the higher the flywheel weight the better the quality of the ride. Anything less than 18kg and you could find that the ride isn't that smooth. We would always recommend 18kg or higher and you're guaranteed to have a smooth spin bike.

The range of indoor cycles that we have in our store will suit most needs and budgets, but if you're not sure which bike is the right one for you then please call us on 01782 534727 and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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